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10 Things to do in Wat Khunaram Koh Samui Explain in Detail

Wat Khunaram: This is a temple that is most famous for housing the mummified body of a monk, who passed away in 1973 and since then it has been a religious attraction for the visitors.

10 Things to do in Wat Khunaram Koh Samui Explain in Detail
  1. See the mummified monk: Wat Khunaram is home to the mummified body of a monk named Luang Pu Nen Kham. Visitors can see the body which is on display in a glass case.
  2. Learn about the history of the monk: Luang Pu Nen Kham was a respected monk who passed away in 1973, visitors can learn about the history of the monk and his teachings.
  3. Attend a traditional ceremony: Wat Khunaram hosts traditional Thai ceremonies such as merit-making ceremonies, visitors can observe and participate in these events and learn about Thai culture and Buddhism.
  4. Take a class in traditional Thai arts: Wat Khunaram offers classes in traditional Thai arts such as traditional Thai dance, traditional Thai cooking and traditional Thai massage.
  5. Visit the nearby temples: Wat Khunaram is located near several temples, visitors can take a short walk to the temples and see the beautiful statues and artwork.
  6. Take a guided tour: Visitors can take a guided tour of the temple and learn more about the history and culture of the area.
  7. Visit the nearby butterfly garden: There is a butterfly garden located near Wat Khunaram, visitors can take a stroll through the garden and see the different species of butterflies.
  8. Visit the nearby Namuang Safari Park: The safari park is located near Wat Khunaram, visitors can see different animals such as elephants, tigers and more.
  9. Take a dip in the hot spring: There is a hot spring located near Wat Khunaram, visitors can take a dip in the hot spring and relax their muscles after the hike.
  10. Take a traditional Thai blessing ceremony: Visitors can take part in a traditional Thai blessing ceremony where a monk will bless them with good luck and fortune.
  • Regulations: Visitors are expected to dress modestly and remove their shoes before entering the temple grounds, and should be respectful of the temple and its artifacts. Visitors should also be aware that photography is not allowed inside the main temple hall.
  • How to go there: Wat Khunaram is located on the southern part of Koh Samui. Visitors can reach the temple by renting a scooter or car, or by taking a tour from the main town of Nathon.
  • Cost: There is no entrance fee to Wat Khunaram, but visitors may have to pay for classes or traditional Thai massage sessions or the traditional Thai blessing ceremony.
  • Opening date and time: Wat Khunaram is open to visitors every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, the temple may close for short periods of time for maintenance or other reasons. It is always better to check with the tour operator or contact the temple authorities before planning a visit.