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Living in Laos pros and cons

Living in Laos pros and cons
Living in Laos pros and cons

Laos is a small, landlocked country located in Southeast Asia, known for its mountainous terrain, traditional villages, and Buddhist temples. Living in Laos can offer a unique and rewarding experience, but there are also some potential downsides to consider. Here are ten pros and cons of living in Laos:


  1. The cost of living is low, making it a budget-friendly option for expats.
  2. The people are friendly and welcoming towards foreigners.
  3. The country is rich in natural beauty, with lush rainforests, mountains, and waterfalls.
  4. Laos offers a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle, with a slower pace of life than many other Southeast Asian countries.
  5. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and rafting.
  6. The food is delicious and diverse, with a mix of Thai, Chinese, and French influences.
  7. The country is relatively safe, with low crime rates.
  8. The Buddhist culture is fascinating and offers many opportunities to learn about the religion and its practices.
  9. The healthcare system is improving and there are many hospitals and clinics in the major cities.
  10. Laos is a great location for digital nomads, as the internet is reliable and the cost of living is low.


  1. The infrastructure is not as developed as in other Southeast Asian countries, which can make transportation and communication more difficult.
  2. The political situation is relatively stable, but there is still some corruption and bureaucratic red tape.
  3. The healthcare system is not as advanced as in other developed countries, so expats may need to seek medical treatment abroad.
  4. The air pollution in major cities can be a problem, especially in Vientiane.
  5. The language barrier can be an issue, as not many people speak English.
  6. The cultural differences can be challenging for some expats, as the customs and traditions are quite different from Western cultures.
  7. The job market is limited, with few opportunities for high-paying jobs.
  8. The heat and humidity can be overwhelming during the summer months.
  9. The water and air quality is not as good as in other developed countries.
  10. The education system is not as well-developed as in other countries, so expats with children may need to consider international schools.

In conclusion, living in Laos can be a unique and rewarding experience, but it is important to consider the pros and cons before making the decision to move there. The cost of living is low, the people are friendly, and the country is rich in natural beauty, but the infrastructure is not as developed and the job market is limited. It would be best to visit the country beforehand and talk to other expats who have lived there to get a sense of what it would be like to live in Laos.