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Flying with a large dog internationally : Guide to Traveling

Flying with a large dog internationally can be a complex process, but it is possible with some planning and preparation. Here are some things to consider:

Flying with a large dog internationally
Flying with a large dog internationally
  1. Regulations: Make sure you are aware of the regulations for travelling with pets in the country you are visiting. Some countries have stricter requirements than others, so it’s important to research this in advance.
  2. Airline requirements: Each airline has its own requirements for travelling with pets, so it’s important to check with the airline you plan to fly with to see what their policies are. Some airlines have size and weight restrictions for pets, so it’s important to check this in advance.
  3. Health and vaccinations: Make sure your dog is in good health before travelling and that they have all the necessary vaccinations. Additionally, some countries may require a health certificate from a veterinarian stating that your dog is fit to travel.
  4. Crate or carrier: Your dog will need to be transported in a crate or carrier that meets the requirements of the airline. Make sure to measure your dog and the carrier to ensure it meets the size requirements.
  5. Booking: Some airlines require you to book a pet-specific ticket for your dog, while others require you to inform them in advance that you will be travelling with a pet.
  6. Fees: Many airlines charge a fee for travelling with a pet, so it’s important to factor this into your budget.
  7. At the airport: Arrive at the airport early and make sure you have all the necessary documents for your dog, including their health certificate and vaccination records.
  8. In-flight: If your dog is travelling in the cargo hold, make sure to inquire about the conditions of the cargo hold and if the temperature and pressure are suitable for the animal.

It’s important to note that regulations and requirements for flying with pets internationally may vary depending on the airline and destination. Also, it might be more convenient to hire a pet transport company to help you with all the paperwork and logistics, but these companies can be quite expensive.